Calixio, Industrial and distribution decision makers’ partner



Calixio is a consulting firm dedicated to assisting industrial groups, particularly agribusinesses and pharmaceuticals, distribution and service companies, in the management of their transformation projects and their organizational, process and information systems optimization.


Through our valued expertise from medium and large sized group managements, we bring a simple and pragmatic approach supported by innovative methods to evaluate options, engage teams, induce commitment and obtain significant benefits - our pledge to successful projects.

Our team brings flexibility and speed in decision making and commitment.

The field of expertise provided to our clients can be extended through selected partners in a trusted relationship.

Our clients’ loyalty is showing the confidence in our trusted services and the relevance of our approaches.

Through its partner network, Calixio can provide specific expertise and complementary resources to its projects while respecting its customer commitment.

Founded in 2014 and based in Rhône-Alpes, France, Calixio ensures local engagement in this booming area, but also supports companies in France and abroad.


Tailored consulting

Calixio believes that consulting effectiveness is based on the ability to adapt methods based on the client's context, culture and strategy.

The "appropriate guidance“ is based on skills and experience contributing to reach a solid goal that was defined during brainstorming and the launch of the project itself.

The success of a transformation is achieved by a win-win result between the company's growth objectives, its capabilities and the employees’ personal involvement.

As a training organization, Calixio can accompany individually the leaders and their teams throughout the various transformation and performance stages.

Calixio remains present throughout out the project with a visionary approach in its guidance, and with an effective and pragmatic approach in its implementation.


Specifics of our approach: visionary, agile, efficient, pragmatic and expert
Specifics of our approach: visionary, agile, efficient, pragmatic and expert