Experience combining sectoral control and pragmatism methods

Our experience was built through strategic thinking, transformation and performance optimization allowing us to provide appropriate good practice benchmarks and relevant advice.


Our Areas of Expertise

Our expertise in the agri-food business and their stakeholders was developed through strategic projects, transformation and optimization. We work with cooperative  organizations, from processing industries to distribution, food and beverage companies,  wholesalers, catering industry or export.


We bring our knowledge on the Pharmaceutical industries specificities and requirements including health players and institutions. This enables us to provide a better development of practices and information systems.


We strongly master the integration of industrial issues and constraints in the optimization of areas such as: processes and information systems in supply chain, production, supply and logistics.


As we master the supply-chain Omnicanal flows from supply to distribution, we can confidently advise our distribution partners on management challenges and optimization best practices to adopt.