how to tackle agribusiness challenges

Agri-food experiences

Leader and industrialist in cereals and cooperative céréalier

Strategic plan and Agricultural Market evolution management

  • Scoping of strategic paths for Agricultural professions in order to define: growth plans by typology, changes in the cooperative relationship and members’ loyalty, trading development, margin growth throughout the entire value chain, sustainable development and logistics model target
  • Strategic course coordination and goal management
  • Assistance in steering change management and internal and external communication
  • Logistics transformation project management and scoping via a logistics target master plan enabling optimization of grain flow collection, grain shipping, promoting farm storage and agricultural flows massification
  • Assessment sessions on: earnings, costs and investment to produce a Business Plan and communicate it to the board of directors and the member commissions
  • Evolution of the central commodities trading organization linked to decentralized organization, management rules of position portfolio, performance and risks reporting

Major International Group in Agri-Food and Oilseeds

Transformation project management for the group’s structure, processes and information system

  • Process and information systems evolution scoping in line with agreed strategy
  • Target operations for the group and its subsidiaries, earnings assessment
  • Process and information systems evolution scenarios with a five-year blueprint
  • Operational excellence for the group support functions (Finance, HR, Purchasing, IT, Legal and Communication)
  • Group transversal purchasing project scoping (requirement analysis, project scope, e-procurement selection process support)
  • CIO target organization principles
  • Solution and integrator selection

Cooperative Group in Agribusiness

Group organization, process and information system transformation and optimization

  • Organizational and Business process reengineering plan (BPR) : Supply chain, logistics and transport, commercial, purchasing, production and maintenance, finance and administration control, information system
  • Governance principles and performance management
  • Industrial and supply-chain structure design management: target processes, roles and responsibilities, headquarters and on-site job descriptions, resources sizing
  • Process and full information system transformation program management
  • Merger assistance with a large group
  • Lean Operational Excellence project management on an experimental site
  • Scoping and definition (with adapted tools) of animation requirements and terms for internal and external communities
  • Organization and principles development for centralized and local purchasing performance management
  • Human Resources management and HR department structure development
  • Finance governance in central and decentralized entities, scoping of new mission and CFO department structure evolution plan

Bread and pastry manufacturer and distributor

Post merger strategy and development plan (M&A)

  • Market strategy and product offerings evolution within a 5-year timeframe
  • Post-merger business process reengineering (BPR), performance management and IS merging plan
  • New Industrial and Logistics blueprint
  • Industrial and Logistics Diagnostics, Forecasting and S&OP, Flow Mapping

Soft-drink leader in retail and catering

Business Practice enhancement and Supply Chain organization design

  • Qualitative and quantitative analyzes for supply-chain flows and dysfunctions: demand control, sales forecasts, S&OP and Manufacturing Plan Scheduling, industrial management, supply, inventory control, distribution
  • Scoping and guidance proposals to reach good business and organizational practices while controlling and improving Supply-Chain performance
  • Industrial and logistic organization scenarios, scenario assessment, targeted outcome selection
  • Logistic and industrial earnings assessment (Working Capital, OEE, storage cost, disposal, penalties, temporary resources...)
  • Business plan, investments prioritization and implementation plan