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Reengineering and change management

Companies must constantly evolve to cope with changing markets and new players. In order to reach transformation, it is essential to define the appropriate course and path of actions.


Understanding the strategy and direction of change is the basis for management and team coaching, and leading the transition.


 TRANSFORM consists in :

- aligning organizational model, governance and management methods with the company's strategy,

- designing process evolution and associated responsibilities,

- identifying key resources that will sustain evolutions,

- choosing the appropriate information system, in line with the business model, company strategy and culture,

- planning and steering developments coordinately with the company’s organization and information systems



- evaluating changes and their impacts by population,

- identifying leverage points of change and benefits made,

- measuring acceptance, communicating and supporting teams,

- training teams to new techniques in : management, change management and project management (CALIXIO is a training organization)

- inducing commitment and engagement from all players through specific actions and support


Calixio establishes with the client the scoping and accompany the whole organization on the path of change.



Our consulting services

  • Scoping of organizational evolutions and information system
  • Master plan for transformation and project organization
  • Change assessment, benefit and impact analysis
  • Change support plan and action implementation plan
  • Leadership Management structuring plan
  • Project transformation trajectory management
  • Management training, change management training and project management training
  • Business case project with Business plan
  • Post-project development sustainability