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Performance Optimization


Within each business process, it is possible to improve performance. The real challenge is to ensure a rise in performance coming from the team awareness on the potential benefits to the company and to their work environment.


 Operational excellence is achieved through a true balance between productivity goals, customer expectations, individual skills integration, work environment sustainability and the respect of quality, safety and environmental rules.


 This operational excellence involves both operational activities (such as supply-chain, logistics and trade) and support activities (such as finance, HR, purchasing and Information system services).


By taking inspiration from the extended Lean Management methods, Calixio assists client teams in identifying areas for improvement, measuring potential benefits, implementing actions for improvement, developing skills, taking ownership of the internal process and sustaining it.



Our consulting services

  • Performance goal scoping by business area and process
  • Collaborative analysis of operational performances
  • Collaborative implementation of improvement areas
  • Team training to operational excellence
  • Performance development plan and sustainability plan
  • Performance governance structuring